eBay auction sniper

What happens at the end of an auction I've sheduled a snipe for?

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In addition to the message(s) you'll receive from eBay (if your bid registered), you'll also receive an "Auction Results" message from Hidbid, similar to the one in the picture above. You may need to check your "trash" or "bulk" email folders. Also, our message delivery to Yahoo email addresses is sporadic right now. Hopefully this will be fixed by the time you read this.

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The email message should be similar to the picture above, showing the item #, Item Title, Item link, and the Auction result- whether you won or lost.

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You can also see the results of an auction you scheduled a snipe for by signing in to our site.
In the status column, a trophy shown means you won, a red circle with a line through it means you lost.
You can click on the "Snipe response" button for an ended auction item to see what happened with your bid.

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A screen like the one in the picture above will be shown.
The screen shows information about your bid- the item title, your bid amount and maximum, the # of seconds left in the auction when your bid was placed, and whether or not you're the current high bidder.

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If another bidder had a proxy bid on the item that was higher than your maximum scheduled bid, you'd see a screen like the picture above.
If, when you click on the "Snipe response" button, you're shown a blank screen, there was an error in your snipe's execution. When this happens, there will probably still be an hour glass shown in the "Status" column for that item on your Hidbid member page.
If you are the auction winner, you just do what you normally do when you win an eBay auction. You can't pay for the item or comunicate with the seller through Hidbid.

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Why Snipe With Hidbid?

* Save money

* Save time

* It's free!

* Quick and easy to use

* Reliability

* Peace of mind

* No need to download anything

* No need for you to leave your computer on

* Cancel or change your bids without upsetting eBay or eBay sellers

* Flexible snipe execution scheduling

* View your snipe history

* Immediate auction results e-mailed to you

* A forum to pick-up and share eBay tips