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Login errors occurring again - 2015-12-10

There have been some login errors today, two snipes had them on both servers.

I'll ask the coder to check them out to see if there's anything we can try changing to work around them, but I doubt there is, or at least we can't think of it. Re-trying the login if it doesn't work the first time isn't helping.

Things may be ok an hour from now, or maybe never, I don't know. eBay is rejecting valid login info whenever, out of the blue. It makes no sense, its ridiculous really. I wonder if it is intentional, they've had issues for months.

Most snipes are still executing ok, on at least one of the two servers. 'Most' is as it should be however.

You should be able to login to ebay manually ( I guess) to place bids.

I'll post an update when there's more news.

ebay issues - 2015-11-28

eBay has been having issues the past couple of days, and still is apparently, as pages aren't loading for me right now.

Snipes may have trouble until things are resolved. Which, they posted that things were resolved on the 25th. I don't see any problem snipes for today and they not be any because of their issues, but I wanted to post this warning anyway.

Here's a link to their announcements page if you want to monitor, which, they not made a post saying there are more issues, so maybe not much use:


No more login errors - 2015-11-21

We haven't had any login errors in 5 days or so, so it looks like the problem is gone. It could start back up again if ebay changes something, tries making their security against hijacked accounts better, whatever it is that they were trying to do when the issue started.

So, things should be back to running smoothly.

A few members have asked about the 'check at ebay' button that used to be on the snipe set up page. We removed that and the code that automatically tries logging in to ebay during set up to make sure that the ebay login info submitted is correct, and rejects the snipe if the login attempt is unsuccessful. We removed it after the login errors started, seeing if reducing the login attempts from hidbid would help reduce the login errors.

We may try adding it back, but not sure as I'm afraid it may cause some sort of trouble like login errors again. Things are running smoothly now and I'm afraid to change anything that might create problems.

The coder is also afraid of changing it back.

We'll see how things go for a while longer and then go from there.

To those  that sent messages, sorry for the delays in responding, I think all have been replied to now.

If something comes up, I'll post another update here.

Good luck with your sniping.

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