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UPDATE - Still having the issue, best to make other plans for your bidding - 2015-11-03

We changed something last night but it isn't helping.

On top of the issue where some snipes that won show as lost, now some items are returning an invalid notice when they are actually valid.

I'm trying to get some outside help on the login errors as we can't get it.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

I'll make and update here when I have some more, hopefully good, news.

Until then, it would be best if you made other plans for your bidding.

***It might not hurt to contact eBay about this, telling them that sniping is the only way you bid and if you can't snipe, you'll take your buying elsewhere. They caused the problem and they could stop it from happening. I don't know if it would help, but I read online that someone called ebay about it and they the customer service rep said they're trying to discourage sniping. I don't know it that is true or not. When I called them a few days ago, they said their internal dept. handles these issues and I couldn't speak to anyone from that dept., that I should expect a response in 30 to 60 days.

The correct login info is being submitted, it is being rejected, for many snipes.

Again, sorry for the trouble. I don't know when/if we'll have a solution.

We're still trying to figure it out - 2015-11-02

We're still trying to figure out the solution to the login problem. Apparently there is a solution, or at least something we can do to greatly reduce the # of occurrences, but we haven't figured it out yet.

Sorry for the delay.

It may help a bit if you make sure that you're logged out of eBay and don't have any ebay pages open when your snipes are scheduled to execute, but that isn't a solution I don't think.

A few of the ideas we've had seem like they may make things worse rather than better, we're a bit afraid of making any adjustments right now.

We're going to keep thinking and hopefully try something soon, that's all I can give you right now.

Again, sorry for the delay and trouble.

Also, it looks like we have another issue where winning snipes are sometimes marked as lost. We'll get that checked out and hopefully taken care of as well.

It looks like eBay is the problem - 2015-10-30

It looks like ebay is refusing login attempts randomly. We were looking and looking at the code and database thinking somehow the login info must have been being corrupted somehow. I looked around and see that other sniping services are having the same problem.

I'm going to contact eBay to see if they can/will put our ip address on some sort of 'white list' and stop blocking login attempts from hidbid, we'll see what happens.

These login errors are going to continue in the meantime. One of the two servers are submitting most snipes, but there may be some that do not execute on either server.

If eBay keeps this up, there's nothing we can do. Their tightening their security I suppose for the holiday season, or, maybe getting rid of automated sniping.

I'll post an update when I have more news.

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