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The updates didn't change anything, but had just 2 bad snipes Wednesday - 2015-11-05

The updates we made didn't stop the login errors, but we've only had two snipes Wednesday that went without executing on either server.

So, I guess having login errors is the new normal for the moment. When we come up with another idea we'll give it a try.

We've had some invalid item responses today. Actually one of the snipes that went without executing had a login error on one server and invalid item response on the other server.

I see that a lot of people on the web are complaining about issues on ebay, and not just with bidding, but pretty much everything. Hopefully they get things straightened out soon and hopefully that will take care of the login errors.

If something changes, I'll post an update here.

We just made another update - 2015-11-04

We just made another update, hoping it will get rid of the login errors. Which, we've only had a couple snipes not execute on either server today, because of that error. We'd still like to eliminate it.

The 'invalid item' response is occurring again, the plan is to look at that next.

We'll see what happens with the login error now that we've made some new changes. I'm a bit afraid of doing it as almost all snipes were executing ok on one of the two servers.

The inlalid item issue is gone - 2015-11-03

The invalid item issue is gone, a little bit of good news. The login issue remains however.

Until today, most of the snipes executed ok on one of the two servers. Today more snipes had the login error on both servers. I don't know if that is because of the changes we made or not.

We're not going to implement any changes tonight but are creating changes that can be quickly implemented just by changing a couple file names. We're going to give the current changes another day. I'm not sure that is the best thing to do, we'll see.

If there's no improvement, we'll implement the new changes tomorrow evening.

eBay is apparently having all sorts of trouble right now. Not just with logins, but with just about everything.

We'll see what happens.

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