eBay auction sniper


Once again, I'm deleting snipes for tomorrow, the 21st - 2015-12-20

I'm deleting the pending snipes for tomorrow, the 21st.

I'll post another update tomorrow. I'll refund the latest subscription and one time payments soon. Still hoping that the plan works and that this isn't the end.

I'm deleting snipe for the 20th - 2015-12-19

I'm deleting any scheduled snipes for tomorrow, Sunday the 20th.

We're going to try something, starting on it tomorrow but it may be a few days before finished. The coder suggested it days ago but I thought it would make things worse, stupid on my part. I'm pretty sure that it will work now after getting some advice.

I've been wondering if it is worth it as ebay may change something else next week so that we'd have to scramble to try to come up with another solution, it seems like a losing battle. In their attempt to stop accounts from being hijacked, they're making things tough on sniping services.

We'll give it a go though and see what happens. I imagine the majority of regular using members of hidbid have sought a solution for your sniping elsewhere, which is understandable. Sniping is probably part of earning a living for some.

Anyway, I post an update tomorrow once work is underway.

Once again, sorry for the trouble.

I'm deleting snipe for the 19th - 2015-12-18

I'm deleting snipes that are set to execute on the 19th. It looks like the captcha page may not be showing as much now, but we were having the login errors before the captcha page started showing on every snipe, and it may be that those contributed to the captchas appearing. Other services were getting the captchas as well, so, the login errors may have had nothing to do with it.

I'm trying to see if something can be set up but the coder isn't sure about it so I'm trying to get another coder to help, and hopefully it will take care of the login errors - even though they shouldn't be happening in the first place. If it doesn't help, it may be time to give up, its getting old having to adapt to ebay changes, they either think its about time for automated sniping to go, or, they don't care how their changes affect automated sniping.

I should have had this going and ready but I didn't know if the captchas were going to be a permanent thing or not.

Anyway, hopefully it is set up tomorrow and we'll give it another go on Sunday.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

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