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I've deleted all snipes for the 18th - 2015-12-17

I've deleted all of the snipes for tomorrow, the 17th, as, they weren't going to execute, and another day of logins with captchas shown and not entered will just make things worse.

The coder is aware of the problem, hopefully he'll have at least an idea of what to try to get the captchas to stop appearing, and hopefully get rid of the login errors as well, tomorrow. The login errors shouldn't have occurred in the first place, as, we're submitting correct info (unless you entered the wrong info on the set up page, but members will have a login error on one snipe, and then not on the next one that executes 10 minutes later - even so, there is apparently a solution for this, but we don't have it -yet at least).

If we don't come up with some soon, I guess this is it for hidbid.

I'll post an update when I have some more news. In the meantime, you'll have to make other arrangements for your sniping.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

Snipes Not Executing!!!! - 2015-12-17

It looks like ebay is showing a new page with a captcha for all snipes now, so no snipes can execute. Maybe 1 in 10 will not get this new page and possibly execute.

It's Friday evening for the coder, so he's not due in until Sunday, EST. I imagine they're going to keep showing this page, I don't know if we triggered it somehow, if all sniping sites are getting it, or what.

Until further notice, figure on your snipes not executing because of this.

I don't know if we'll be able to keep going if they keep showing this new page.

Again, sorry for the trouble. I'll make an update when I have more news.

Still have the login issue - 2015-12-17

We're still having the login issue. About 93% or so still execute on one of the two servers, but that is no good. I was hoping it would have cleared up by now.

I don't know what to ask the coder to try. Adding code that retries logging in if the first time is rejected didn't help. We again removed the 'check at ebay' button, because the problem started again after we added it back. I don't know if it had anything to do with the problem coming back or not. Some members could have been abusing it for whatever reason, clicking it over and over and that could have triggered red flags by ebay's automated security functions. Or, just it being clicked each time a snipe was set up could have caused red flags to go up at ebay. Or, the check at ebay button may have nothing to do with it.

A couple of the login errors that occur on both servers may be legitimate, as, we removed the code that automatically checks login info during snipe set up and rejects a snipe if the login attempt is unsuccessful, and, as noted above, the check at ebay button is also gone.

A few of the login errors had a captcha on the response page (ebay login page), there's nothing we can do about those. Most however, dont, and are submitting correct login info, and ebay is rejecting it.

I also saw one response that had text saying that the member was bidding on their own item, that isn't good and could draw some increased security functions from ebay, for hidbid's ip address.

All I can say now is I'll keep watching, and if things improve or get worse, or if we come up with something else to try, I'll make another post with an update.

Sorry for the trouble.

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