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ebay requiring verification code, snipes not executing - 2017-03-12

eBay is showing the code verification code page again, preventing snipes from executing. The first 2 executed ok today, and the rest have been getting the verification code page. Any pending snipes most likely will not execute.

I don't know how long this will last, it looks like we're not the only service having the problem.

We'll try to get a solution in place, I'll update the news section as soon as I have more info for you.

Until then, figure on none of your snipes executing.

Sorry for the trouble.

Snipes are executing,... - 2016-01-12

Sorry for the long delay in posting an update. I wanted to wait until everything was good to go, but it has been too long.

Snipes are executing, but there are a few login errors. Some of the login errors may be from the wrong ebay password being entered by a user, as, the code does not check the ebay login info during snipe set up, like it used to. Some of the login errors are from captchas being shown, so, not actually login errors, but still preventing snipe execution.

The login errors are few, I don't think there were any yesterday. There are fewer snipes right now, but the % of login errors is still lower than before.

If the snipe # builds back up, maybe they'll be more frequent, I don't know. We've made one change that seems to help reduce the login errors, but, the whole plan hasn't been executed yet. Hopefully once it has, all the login errors will be gone.

The captchas are a different issue, the idea for dealing with them is part of the plan not yet done. I think they occur more so for new users of hidbid, or for ebay accounts that aren't very active, or, have had recent changes, like a password change.

I'm having trouble getting the idea set up. Hopefully it will be in the next few days, then we can see if it helps further.

Again, sorry for the trouble and long delay.

Sorry for the update delay - 2016-01-07

Sorry for the delay in updating. We tried something, but it didn't work, it made most snipes late.

I didn't disable the set up page after testing, and we changed the code back to how it was. So, it should be back to where most snipes execute on one of the two servers, with there being login errors often on one of the two servers, and sometimes both, for the same snipe.

This may trigger the captcha page to be shown if there are too many login error responses, hopefully not. We also removed the code that verifies login info submitted during snipe set up, so, now if you enter your wrong password, the snipe will still be accepted. So, if you do go ahead and set up a snipe, be sure that your ebay info is correct.

We'll try plan C tomorrow night, hopefully we'll get better results.

Again, sorry for the long delay and trouble.

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