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Potential issues - 2007-12-25

A couple of eBay's features that may affect the execution of some snipes:

When I clicked on the "snipe response" button for an item that had a scheduled snipe that did not execute, an advisory similar to this showed up on eBay's site:

"Attention Buyer

Dear Bidder

Please note that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission periodically issues recalls. Please review the CPSC website for specific details on all recalls issued. We also encourage you to check with prospective sellers prior to buying or bidding on items."

There was a "Continue" button that would have to be clicked manually in order to get to the page to place your bid.
Hidbid could not execute the snipe because of this extra step.
I don't know how often eBay shows this advisory page before a bidder can get to the plate page to place their bid, this is the first time I have ever seen this.

I contacted eBay live help about this and here is their reply:

Reply: "It simply means that the item that is being listed is probably part of a group of items that are subjected to CPSC recall. they can check the CPSC website for the list or inquire with the seller.
It is shown to all members on items that may have recall issues with CPSC. It is not shown regularly and on selected group of items only."

If you want to schedule a snipe for an item, I suggest that you first go to the item's listing page and click on the "Place bid" link. If you see this advisory then you'll know that Hidbid cannot execute a snipe for the item. If you do not see the advisory, then everything should be okay.

I have also heard that eBay sometimes creates an extra step when signing in for members have a weak password, this would also prevent a snipe from being executed.

I asked the eBay rep about this, here is my question and their reply:

Question: "some members have to enter a captcha code when signing in, is that correct? And is that so because they have a weak password, and would changing the password to something more complex eliminate this step?"

Reply: "No, just ask my colleagues and supervisor and they are not aware of that code...eBay only prompts them with a reminder if their password is weak and may ask them to create another one."

So, when "eBay only prompts them", I don't know if there is an extra step involved as far as clicking a "no thanks" type of button or not.  If so, and you have a weak eBay password that triggers eBay to display this prompt, Hidbid will not be able to place a bid for you.

The easy solution for this is to create a more complex password that will not trigger this prompt.  Sniping or not, you should have a strong password.

EBay apparently also sometimes thinks that a members account has been hijacked Lannie Snipe is executed for them, maybe because the bid is coming from an IP address that is different from the one that they associate with that member.  I don't know that this has happened with a member of Hidbid or not, but I know it has with at least two other sniping services, so it's probably only a matter of time.  If this happens, eBay may block your snipe from being placed.  They will also send you an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password, explaining that they have reason to believe that your account has been compromised.

Again, I don't know if this is a random occurrence, if that happens more with newer members, longer-term members, etc. I really don't know what the solution to this would be but it rarely happens. If you did get such an alert from eBay, there's a good chance that your account has actually not been compromised, but that using Hidbid(or another sniping service) has triggered this.

eBay CA and AU added to search options - 2007-11-09

You can now also search eBay Australia and eBay Canada
We have added eBay Australia and eBay Canada to your search options.
When you want to search eBay, you can now choose either eBay US, UK, CA, and AU by clicking on the "Auction" drop down menu next to the "Keyword" field in the search box.
You'll see "(beta)" next to eBay.ca and eBay.com.au because they are still in test mode, but everything seems to be all right with them.
If you experience any trouble when using these newly added search options, or with anything else on Hidbid, we would appreciate you contacting us and letting us know about the problem so that we can get it straightened out.

Important Notice - System Modification - 2007-11-08

Your eBay password will now be automatically deleted from our system if you have no pending or completed snipes within the last seven days.
We've added this feature as an extra security measure.
We may soon go ahead and modify this feature so that instead of waiting seven days, deletion will take place the same day.
Because of this system update, we recommend that you make sure that Hidbid has your correct eBay information.
You can do this by going to your "Profile" page, scrolling down and then clicking on the "Change" button, and then clicking on the "Check at eBay" button.
If You are shown - "You entered invalid eBay user ID or password", you'll need to enter your correct eBay information and again click the "Check at eBay" to be sure Hidbid has successfully recorded it.
Also, when you're setting up a snipe, you should always click on the "Check at eBay" button shown on the snipe set up page.
Any feedback on this or any other feature here on Hidbid is welcomed and appreciated.

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