eBay auction sniper


Non-executed Snipes - 2008-05-07

There are snipes that are not being executed again tonight.  I will not know what is causing the problem until our programmer investigates and finds the problem.

Until we again update our news section stating that all is well, I suggest making alternative plans for bidding on eBay.

Again, we're sorry about the trouble and any non-executed snipes that you have scheduled.  This is very frustrating, until the problem is found, that's all I've got.

Failed Snipes - 2008-05-06

Last night, we had two stretches of a few minutes each in which scheduled snipes did not execute.  In a couple of hours, our programmer will check to see what happened, and see why our backup system did not place the bids.

Any system adjustment that may need to be made will be done so shortly.

Sorry about the inconvenience and any non-executed snipes that you may have scheduled. 

Outdated "Auction Results" Emails - 2008-03-16

Our programmer has been implementing some modifications to our system today and this has caused some outdated "Bid Results" emails to be sent out.

Our system is not placing bids for you that you did not set up, the notifications are for auctions that you did schedule a snipe for and have ended. I myself received an email about an auction that I won back in December.

This glitch should be taken care of tonight and should not affect any currently scheduled snipes.

The purpose of these modifications is to make our sniper engine more reliable and to add alerts to better explain why your snipes were not successful, when that is the case.

We're sorry about any confusion and apprehension this may have caused.

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