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Update - 2008-06-19

we have received a few questions about the item information not showing up when a snipe is set up by item #.

Sorry, I thought I had updated the news regarding this.

These snipes will execute, you will just not see the item information on this snipe set up page.
If it makes you more comfortable, you can do a keyword search for the item including a couple of the keywords in the title, but not the whole title itself.

Once you've located the item in the search results, you will then be able to see the item information on the snipe setup page.

Also, we have had a couple of snipes that were deleted before their scheduled execution, but they still did execute.

This was caused by the snipes being deleted with less than 30 minutes left in the auction. I had noticed this happening three times, but our programmer and myself came to the conclusion that these snipes were set up, deleted, and then set up again.  Obviously, that was incorrect.  We apologize to any members affected by this.  It happened twice to one member. We have now changed this, so you can safely delete scheduled Snipes when there is as few as five minutes left in the auction.

If You do not want a scheduled snipe to execute, and there is less than five minutes left in the auction, you could probably quickly change your eBay password on eBay to prevent the snipe from executing.

There is too much maintenance to an eBay sniping website to offer the service for free in my opinion.  We were just going to allow for a certain number of free snipes per week and any member who needed more could pay for a month without the weekly limit.

It looks like we now may start charging for each snipe that results in a successfully purchased item in the very near future.

We are working to make hidbid as reliable as possible and unfortunately that takes time and money.  Even so, it seems that eBay is making a lot of changes to their site that sometimes causes login errors.  I have looked around a bit and it seems the other sniping sites are affected as well.

Honestly, I am not so sure about the future of eBay sniping.  eBay could end it at any time, and I wonder if that could be part of their larger master plan, who knows? Maybe they think sniping takes away from the average eBay buyers experience, I don't know.  Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Whatever the case, it seems that they are trying to tighten up their security.  For newer members especially, they make you jump through hoops just to sign and that causes a problem for hidbid.  It seems that they add new notices every day, limit the transactions for newer members, and apparently whatever else they see fit.

I believe they monitor the IP addresses when a member signs in and if the IP address is different from the one their bids normally come from, the login may be blocked.  Again, it seems to me that newer eBay members are affected more by this then members that have been registered for a while.

Anyway, it hasn't affected hidbid the last couple of days, but they could change something at any time that could prevent hidbid from logging in to eBay to place bids, for newer members at least.

I'm not trying to scare anybody, I am just trying to make you aware of the possibilities.  Maybe I worry too much.

item # snipes ok - 2008-06-12

You can now set up snipes by item # again.

However, as you may have experienced already, the "snipe results" e-mails that are sent out at the end of an auction that a member has scheduled a snipe for are not accurate.

Some members are receiving "lost" e-mails when in fact  they won the item in question.

We hope to get this fixed shortly - snipes are at least executing as they should.

The item # search problem was caused by item #'s being entered incorrectly(I'm guessing the small design change was the reason for that, while the text "item #" was included inside the search field instead of next to it), and so many were entered incorrectly, hidbid could no longer update itself correctly.

Item # snipes not working - 2008-06-10

Snipes set up by an item # search will not execute.

Set up snipes using the keyword search only -- do not use the item number search until further notice.

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