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Update - 2008-08-30

As you may have noticed, an eBay item's information will now show up when you set up a snipe by item #.

They're also should be no more occurrences of a scheduled snipe being shown as "won" (by displaying the trophy image as the "state") immediately after setting it up and before it is time to execute.

We are going to activate the five snipe per week limit today.  When you attempt to set up your 6th snipe in the same week, instead of seeing the snipe setup page, you will see a notice explaining that you have reached your limit for the week and that you can either subscribe to our service by clicking on the PayPal subscription button included on that page, or you can wait until the following week when you again will have five free snipe's to use.

Remember, if you do subscribe to our service, there will be a $7 fee automatically deducted from your PayPal account each month.  You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account and following the instructions for canceling a subscription.

We may add the ability for you to make a one-time payment for a single month, however our payment system is not presently set up that way.

We do not want to trap you into having the payment automatically deducted each month if you are not going to use our service.  You could always subscribe to our service and then cancel before the end of the month if you only needed one month of unlimited snipes.

As stated in the update posted days ago on your eBay member page in the right hand column, the problem with snipes immediately showing as not being executed immediately after setting them up, was fixed the next day.  We should have also updated the news section with that information.

System problem - 2008-08-18
snipes not executing

we are having trouble with the pending snipes updating correctly. There is a good chance that any snipes that you have scheduled will not execute. 

We suggest making other plans for bidding on these items until we can get this fixed. Some snipes are still executing,  because of the incorrect updating, some are not.

We will update you as soon as something changes.

Sorry for the inconvenience and any missed snipes.

Update - 2008-06-22

In the last update, I wrote:

"Also, we have had a couple of snipes that were deleted before their scheduled execution, but they still did execute.

This was caused by the snipes being deleted with less than 30 minutes left in the auction. I had noticed this happening three times, but our programmer and myself came to the conclusion that these snipes were set up, deleted, and then set up again."

Well, the day after we changed the 30 minutes down to five minutes, the same thing showed up in our stats for one snipe.  So, our initial guess was most likely correct except for the one member who must have deleted their snipes with less than a half hour left in the auction.

We have updated our system so that we can now identify when someone sets up a snipe, deletes it, and then sets it up again.

So, the bottom line is, if you delete a scheduled snipe when there is less than five minutes left in the auction, it may still execute.  Also, our system was not in error in this regard as I previously thought.

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