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Back up - 2008-05-13

We have a few things to cover in this update.

First, as I'm sure you can tell, our log in feature is no longer disabled(sorry that "a day or two" was instead closer to six). Our sniper engine is again working properly now that we have switched hosting providers.

However, our backup system (mirror) has not yet been set up since moving it also, hopefully it to be completed by Wednesday. So, only our main server is executing snipes right now, slightly increasing the chances that a snipe may not be executed because of a delay or outage with our server.

Because we are now on a different server, your bid will be submitted to eBay from a different IP address than before.  I believe eBay (at least sometimes) monitors the IP addresses of bidders. 

It's possible that eBay's system may notice that bids for your eBay ID are coming from a new IP address and determine that someone has hijacked your eBay ID. You would then get an alert e-mail from eBay stating something along those lines, and they would change your eBay password.

If you do get such a message from eBay after one of your scheduled snipes are executed, there is a good chance that our server change is the reason.  I have read about that happening with other sniping services and it actually happened to me (I think that was the cause) while I was using a sniping service before having hidbid created.

EBay does not specify why they think that your account was hijacked, so you'd never know for sure what triggered their action.  I just wanted to make you aware of this.

Our backup server (the one we were using as the mirror previously) was not disabled the past few days as our main site was. It wasn't functioning properly either because of the changes that our previous host made to the servers, but it was still executing maybe one out of every four snipes that were scheduled.  We were unaware of this -- an oversight on our part.

We very much hope that no members were awarded purchases that you no longer wanted.  If you are in this situation, please let us know and we will do what we're able to explain the situation to the seller and eBay, so you do not have to go through with the purchase and are stuck with something that you no longer want.

Because of the increased expenses and time involved with Hidbid, we're soon going to add a premium membership along with our free service.  The only difference will be the limit on the number of snipes that you can schedule. We have a pretty good idea about the details, and will post them prior to the changes.

We should have mentioned this long ago, to receive all of the e-mail notifications about the snipes that you have scheduled, it would be a good idea to "white list" (add to your address book, etc., the pending on the e-mail service provider that you use) our e-mail address.

Many of the notifications were being blocked but now that we're on a new server, this should not happen unless our e-mails are marked as spam.  We hope to make a video shortly showing how to "white list" and e-mail address.

So, we are again up and running and will be back to full strength when our back up system is finalized.  After that, we will be back to studying why the occasional snipe gets stuck on a confirmation page, and other fine-tuning.

Thanks for sticking with us through this transition.

Non-executed Snipes - 2008-05-07

There are snipes that are not being executed again tonight.  I will not know what is causing the problem until our programmer investigates and finds the problem.

Until we again update our news section stating that all is well, I suggest making alternative plans for bidding on eBay.

Again, we're sorry about the trouble and any non-executed snipes that you have scheduled.  This is very frustrating, until the problem is found, that's all I've got.

Failed Snipes - 2008-05-06

Last night, we had two stretches of a few minutes each in which scheduled snipes did not execute.  In a couple of hours, our programmer will check to see what happened, and see why our backup system did not place the bids.

Any system adjustment that may need to be made will be done so shortly.

Sorry about the inconvenience and any non-executed snipes that you may have scheduled. 

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