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ssl certificate trouble - 2009-11-14

I screwed up when insttalling the ssl certificate for hidbid, causing an error an blocking site access for several hours.

I'm very sorry for the trouble, it shouldn't have happened.

It looks as though snipes still executed as normal however, so that is good.
The certificate is now installed and working properly, so there should be no more trouble with this.

Again, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Problem fixed - 2009-07-18

We have found and fixed (we think) the problem. EBay changed the listing page design, throwing off our sniper engine sometimes. We've now updated for the changes, and this problem shouldn't occur anymore.

If you have an error with a particular snipe, please let us know so that we can further investigate. First however, please look at the 'response' for the particular snipe, to see if you can determine if there was indeed an error, or something else (you weren't eligible to bid on the item, etc).

We need to remake the video showing what to do before scheduling a snipe (there's a link to it shown in the right hand margin of hidbid after you sign in), and the reasons a bidder may not be qualified to bid on an item, as the audio is bad.

The video will also show restrictions that sellers can put on an auction, that could exclude you from bidding, and preventing a snipe you scheduled for an item from executing.

We're very sorry for any trouble our latest issue has caused you. Good luck with your sniping!

some snipe trouble - 2009-07-15

We're having trouble with some snipes again. It looks like some items are coming back as 'This Page Is No Longer Available' for the response from ebay's site.

We're not sure if the new listing page ebay has is the cause or if it's something else.

This error is not occurring often and the vast majority of snipes are executing fine, but until we identify and fix the problem, it may be a good idea to make other plans for your ebay bidding.

We're very sorry for any missed snipes that you may have scheduled.

If you have had a problem, please let us know and describe what happened (did the problem happen during scheduling, or later, what did you see on your 'my snipes' page, etc.) we would greatly appreciate it as we can use the info to better understand what is happening.

We hope to have this figured out shortly and when we do, we'll update this news page.

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