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item # snipes ok - 2008-06-12

You can now set up snipes by item # again.

However, as you may have experienced already, the "snipe results" e-mails that are sent out at the end of an auction that a member has scheduled a snipe for are not accurate.

Some members are receiving "lost" e-mails when in fact  they won the item in question.

We hope to get this fixed shortly - snipes are at least executing as they should.

The item # search problem was caused by item #'s being entered incorrectly(I'm guessing the small design change was the reason for that, while the text "item #" was included inside the search field instead of next to it), and so many were entered incorrectly, hidbid could no longer update itself correctly.

Item # snipes not working - 2008-06-10

Snipes set up by an item # search will not execute.

Set up snipes using the keyword search only -- do not use the item number search until further notice.

Questions - 2008-05-22

We have installed some spam protection for our forum.  You can now (again) sign up to the forum and post questions, comments, or replies. Actually, we ask that you first look on the FAQ page, and then in the forum, rather than sending us a question. If you do not find your answer in either place, then please post your question in the forum.  That way, all of our members can benefit.

We understand that some questions and some information do not belong on the forum, in those cases you can still use our "contact us" form.

When you do post a question about a particular snipe, please include the eBay item number.

If your question is "why did my snipe not execute" or something similar, please first click the "response" button for the snipe that you are wondering about.  After doing so, you will be shown the page that you would have seen if you were placing your bid manually.

The thing that prevents the most snipes from executing is -- a member who has scheduled a snipe for an item does not meet the seller requirements -- maybe you:

Do not have a PayPal account associated with your eBay ID

Live in a country that the seller does not ship to

Do not meet the minimum feedback rating that the seller has specified

Have two or more unpaid strikes against you in the last 30 days

We cannot do a pre-snipe set up check for these because to do so, Hidbid would have to attempt to place your bid.

To make sure that seller restrictions do not cause a problem for you, I suggest that you check all of these things out when you see an item that you would like to schedule a snipe for.

If you do not meet the seller requirements, you can send them a message through eBay asking them to lift the requirements for the particular auction that you want to bid on.  It is at least worth a try.

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