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Some updates - 2010-05-10

First, sorry for the lack of news lately. We've done some things and should have posted immediately after finishing a mod/improvement etc.

We have moved the snipe info for snipes earlier than 2009 to a different table in our database, to help our server from running too slowly, possibly causing snipe trouble.

We're moving all snipes earlier than May 2009, tonight. So, you'll no longer see any snipes older than this on your 'my snipes' page. The snipes won't be gone permanently, we may make it so that they're still available for you to look at, if you want/need to keep track of all past snipes.

I imagine you've also noticed the mailbox that was added to your account, you'll receive copies of messages there that are also sent to your email address. You can edit the setting for which type of emails you want sent to your mailbox, if any. We hope to also give you the option of not receiving any bid result or 'max bid exceeded' emails to your email address, in the near future.

We've taken care of the cookie issue that was giving a few members trouble when logging in.

Also, we've corrected our snipe set up process so that a snipe is not accepted if all the needed info is not entered in (max bid, ebay user name, password), regardless of the # of times a snipe set up is attempted. Before, if you tried 3 or 4 times, the snipe would finally be accepted, but there was no way for it to execute, because all the necessary info was not available to hidbid in order to log in and place the bid.

There may be a couple other things we did that aren't on my mind at the moment, but the bottom line is, we've improved the performance of hidbid. We're getting close to having hidbid function as we'd like, once there, the design will be next. We may also add a few more features/tools to further help with your ebay sniping/buying and maybe online buying in general.

If you have any suggestions, let us know. If it seems like a useful one, we may add that to our to do list.

log in trouble fixed - 2009-12-29

The problem with accounts being inactivated has been corrected. I can't say that it hasn't been fixed because I corrected it myself, not our coder. He'll look into what caused the issue and then prevent it from happening again, if more is needed to be done.

Sorry for the trouble.

log in trouble? - 2009-12-28

Our system is inactivating some member accounts for some reason. So, if you're having trouble logging in, let us know, this is probably the reason. We can edit your status back to active so that you can once again log in.

We hope to have this fixed shortly, we'll update the news when it's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Why Snipe With Hidbid?

* Save money

* Save time

* It's free!

* Quick and easy to use

* Reliability

* Peace of mind

* No need to download anything

* No need for you to leave your computer on

* Cancel or change your bids without upsetting eBay or eBay sellers

* Flexible snipe execution scheduling

* View your snipe history

* Immediate auction results e-mailed to you

* A forum to pick-up and share eBay tips