eBay auction sniper


**Snipes not executing! - 2010-10-07

As the title says, snipes are not executing, since about 11:45 am through now. We were working on the problem with main server execution and made it worse.

Snipe set up has been disabled but any pending snipes will not execute as least as of right now. There's the possibility of getting this fixed quickly but our coder is not on duty so it will take at least until then which should be sometime Friday afternoon.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience and missed snipes.

Subscribers affected, please send us a message.

We'll update as soon as there's some news.


It looks to me as though all member ebay info has been deleted, preventing the mirror from executing the snipes, but I'm not a coder so we'll see what he thinks. As far as the main server, it all started with a setting change on the server that didn't correct itself when changed back.

Main server trouble - 2010-10-05

Our main server is having trouble today, the mirror is doing most of the bid submitting.

This will cause some of the results emails to be incorrect, but your bids are still being submitted.

Still, the chances of a snipe going 'un-'executed are increased, as there may only be one server instead of 2 submitting your bids (the main server is submitting some, but not many).

We hope to get this taken care of shortly.

Server down - 2010-06-21

Our server was down for about an hour this morning, preventing a few snipes from executing. The server is back up now and snipes should be executing fine.

We're very sorry about the inconvenience and missed snipes.

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