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The last 3 snipes executed... - 2017-03-15

The last 3 snipes have executed, we made a small change to the code. I don't know that the change is going to hold up, I can't stay awake longer to check more.

I'll check again in the morning, and make another update here. Work on the problem will continue tomorrow morning. Hopefully this change holds up until we add more things to strengthen things and reduce the chance of problems happening in the future.

We're going to re-add the code that checks your ebay login info during set up. If there is a problem with the login attempt, your snipe will be rejected, just as how things were a while back. We removed that code to reduce the # of ebay login attempts coming from hidbid, back when we thought it might help with problems were were having.

Now however, we're going to put a limit on how many times you can try setting up a snipe while hidbid having trouble logging into your account. Once you've reached the limit (probably 2 or 3 attempts), you'll not be able to try again for a length of time. When an attempt fails, you will be shown the problem response that hidbid encountered so that you can take care of the problem, if it is ebay account related.

I'm thinking maybe a problem with one member's snipes might contribute to other users having trouble.

There will be more back end changes before we get to adding back the function mentioned above.

Also, new members may be required to take a few steps to reduce the chances of problems with their snipes.

Things may change, but that is a rough plan of what we've figured on doing.

So, so far, the one change has helped to get snipes executing again, but there's only been 3 snipes set to execute since the change. Oh, one more thing, the mirror is not running right now, not sure when we'll get it up and submitting snipes again. It depends on how long the changes take. We want to get the main server working well before adding another to the mix.

Sorry for the trouble.

Something to try to prevent the verification page showing - 2017-03-14

All snipes are still encountering the verification page, preventing execution.

We're still trying to come up with a fix. One thing that you as a user of hidbid can try, is to log out of ebay if you're already logged in, and then log back in. You may then see the verification code page or a security question page. Follow the steps requested by ebay, confirm contact information, whatever.

If you aren't shown any special pages like that and log in normally, maybe go to an auction page find one that just started, for a very low opening price, that you know you won't win, and enter the minimum bid, to see if you encounter the verification code page. If so, enter the code.

That may then help prevent the verification page being shown for future snipes.

We need to set up code so that you can manually go to ebay using our ip address and do those things but it hasn't been created yet.

Also, we used to have code that checked to make sure that your ebay login code that you entered into our system was correct, when you finalize a snipe. If there was a problem, the snipe was rejected. We came to the conclusion a while back that too many login attempts may have been contributing to problems we were having at the time so that code was removed. Problems can't get any worse than they are now so we may try re-adding the code, so you'd know if our sniper engine is having trouble (encountering the verification code page or something else), and a snipe won't be accepted with you thinking all should be well. There still could be execution problems with this code re-added, but it would allow you/us to know that we were able to successfully login to your account during set up.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

Still getting the verification code page - 2017-03-14

All snipes are still getting the verification code page, so they're still not executing.

The sniper engine has been shut off, it will be turned back on in a few hours, and see if there's any change. We have an idea as to what to try to resolve or at least greatly reduce the problem, but there will be some steps you'll have to take.

Do not set up any more snipes or count on any pending snipes to execute at this time.

Once I have some more news, I post it here.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

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