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All better - 2011-02-20

You can set snipes up now.

Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for the emails alerting us to the problem.

2 things - 2011-01-25

There's a couple of things to update you about.

First, the coding for bid groups is (and has been for a couple weeks) ready to add to hidbid in beta mode I guess you could say, but it looks like we'd need a more powerful server to make sure the extra work the bid groups coding would not slow down the server, preventing snipes from executing on time.

THere's at least one member that wants bid groups and would be willing to pay a few more $/month for their subscription so that they could use groups, we'd like to know how much interest there is from other members, as far as a bid group function goes.

We'd like to not raise the price of a sub in order to add bid groups, but not sure how we'd do that other than by getting more subscribers.

Please let us know your thoughts about having bid groups and if you think a raise in the sub price is worth it, and or any ideas of how we can add the feature without the increase.

That leads us to the next issue I just figured out.

The support email address used on the contact us page was not set up after the last time we switched servers. So, all the emails that were sent to 'support' were never seen or read. The 'admin' email address has been set up and we were receiving emails sent to it, so I was getting some emails, so I never realized that support had not been set up.

The support email address is up and running now, if any of you have recently sent a message to 'support' and still have an issue, please send us another message and we'll get back to you.

Sorry for the stupidity and let us know what you think about bid groups.

Bid groups coming - 2010-12-16

We're going to add the bid groups function very soon. We hope you like it, it took a lot of work to create.

It's is going to be a beta version, as we haven't tested it as much as we'd like. So, as with hidbid in general, USE BID GROUPS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I'll make a video showing how to use bid groups shortly.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Our sniper engine needs time to know whether to bid on items in a group. If one of the snipes in a group is a winner, the rest in the group are automatically canceled. So, there should be a minimum of 3 minutes between snipes in a group, to give the sniper engine enough time to determine if the next snipe should be executed, or automatically canceled.

You should give at least 3 minutes for moving a snipe in or out of a group as well. For instance, if you try to move a particular snipe out of a group to make it a single snipe, and there's 50 seconds left in the auction, the snipe will still behave as if part of the group. Hopefully that makes sense.

2. If you set up a group of, for example, 4 snipes, and the 1st one wins and the rest are canceled, that still counts as 4 snipes toward your weekly allotment of 5 free snipes. Snipes are counted be set up, not by execution.

You have to create a bid group to add snipes to it, creating the group name is a bit cumbersome but it seemed the main 'my snipes' page was getting crowded, so we made it so that you go to a new page to do so. To create a new group, you'd click on the 'Bid Group Name Setup' tab, next to the 'Search' tab, on your 'my snipes' page.

To use the snipe group function, you can 1st create a group (you can set the snipes up 1st and then add them to a group in bulk after that if you want, but for the sake of explaining, we'll start with creating the group) by clicking the 'Bid Group Name Setup' tab you'll see next to the 'Search' tab, after logging into hidbid.

Just type the group name into the field and click the 'Add' button, and you should see a confirmation message that the group was created along with the name showing up below the add field.

Now, you can add a snipe to a group right from the snipe set up page during set up (by checking the 'Add' box and selecting the group from the 'Bid Group Name' drop-down menu), or, (in bulk) on your 'my snipes' page, after setting the snipe up. To do so from the 'my snipes' page, check the box next to the snipe(s) you want to add to a group, select the bid group name from the drop down menu next to the words 'Group Names:', and then click the 'Group selected' button.

Groups will be shown underneath the list of your individual snipes on your 'my snipes' page.

You can move snipes in and out of groups after they've been scheduled, if needed just remember the 3 minute minimum when moving or editing your snipes.

To move a snipe out of a group, select its checkbox and then click the 'Ungroup Selected' button. The snipe will now be an individual snipe, independent from the group. It will then show in the list of your individual snipes.

If you have a winner in a group, but decide that you'd like for the rest of the snipes to act as if there's been no winner in the group yet, select that winning snipe and move it out of the group. If you want all of the snipes in a group to execute as individual snipes, bulk move them out of the group by selecting all of their checkboxes before clicking the 'Ungroup Selected' button.

We've tried to not make things confusing for members who have no interest in using groups. The pages are still the same for the most part, so ignore the Group Name Setup tab, and the added 'Add' checkbox and group name drop down list on the set up page if you're not interested in using groups. Those things are the only things added to the original pages, along with the 'Group Selected' button and group name drop down menu on the 'my snipes' page.

Please let us know what you think of the group feature if you do try it out.

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