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log in trouble fixed - 2009-12-29

The problem with accounts being inactivated has been corrected. I can't say that it hasn't been fixed because I corrected it myself, not our coder. He'll look into what caused the issue and then prevent it from happening again, if more is needed to be done.

Sorry for the trouble.

log in trouble? - 2009-12-28

Our system is inactivating some member accounts for some reason. So, if you're having trouble logging in, let us know, this is probably the reason. We can edit your status back to active so that you can once again log in.

We hope to have this fixed shortly, we'll update the news when it's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Snipes weren't erroring - 2009-12-17

I posted yesterday that we were having many snipe errors. That isn't correct, we were having errors updating item info, but they didn't affect snipe execution. We're still looking into the cause, will update here when we find something.

So, snipes should be executing fine. As always, if you have a problem with a snipe, please let us know so we can further investigate.

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Why Snipe With Hidbid?

* Save money

* Save time

* It's free!

* Quick and easy to use

* Reliability

* Peace of mind

* No need to download anything

* No need for you to leave your computer on

* Cancel or change your bids without upsetting eBay or eBay sellers

* Flexible snipe execution scheduling

* View your snipe history

* Immediate auction results e-mailed to you

* A forum to pick-up and share eBay tips