eBay auction sniper


Server down earlier - 2011-04-29

Hidbid was down for about three hours earlier today, our hosting provider was hit with an incoming DDoS. I will contact the users who had missed snipes because of this.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.  Everything should be functioning well again.

Main server - 2011-03-28

Our main server was down for a few minutes on Saturday, preventing a few snipes from executing (and you from setting any up I imagine).

Our mirror server acts as a back-up and also submits bids, but the main server was down long enough that the mirror wasn't updated with the soon to execute snipes (it only retrieves info for snipes that are to execute in the next few minutes), so neither server submitted your bid. The snipes that the mirror did have the info for were submitted successfully.

System errors like this are rare, but are a possibility. We try to eliminate the potential for trouble as much as we can.

We're sorry for the missed snipes, I sent a message to each member affected.

Set up should be fixed - 2011-03-19

We've uploaded what is hopefully a fix for the issue that caused the bid confirm page to show for some people when trying to set up a snipe.

If you've had this issue, please let us know if all is now well for you or not as far as being able to set snipes up without seeing the bid confirm page.

We've tried to make our system as error-free as possible, including user errors like not entering your correct ebay info on the set up page (if not already in our system). So, during set up, the sniper engine logs into ebay to make sure the login works, and also checks for 'special response' pages that might be shown instead of the bid confirm page, which could prevent the snipe from executing.

If there's a problem detected, the problem page is shown, along with an error message above it. That's what was happening in this case, the sniper engine thought that this version of the bid confirm page was a special response, but obviously it isn't.

Anyway, we could disable all 'during set up checks' but then there'd be snipes that didn't execute because users didn't enter their correct ebay info or because of special responses. We'd rather not do that, as it would dumb down the system a bit. But, we may have to if ebay design changes and such occur too frequently, causing too many 'special response' errors during snipe set up.

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