eBay auction sniper


Back to normal - 2010-10-15

Everything should be back to normal now, there are no more snipes set up before the 8th to execute.

We would have sent an email out to all members to warn you about the problem, but with many emails going out at once, the email services like yahoo and gmail may have detected the messages as spam and blocked them.

Gmail already puts hidbid emails into the spam folder, and sometimes blocks them all together I think, as I've sent a message to my own gmail account before, and didn't get it.

SO, I'D ADVISE MEMBERS TO USE SOMETHING OTHER THAN GMAIL FOR THEIR HIDBID EMAIL ADDRESS. Or, 'whitelist' hidbid's email address in your email account, whether using gmail or any other service.

I thought I had a 'how to' on whitelisting here on hidbid, guess I need to add one. It easy and takes maybe a minute to do.

Anyway, we're working on adding bid groups now. After that, the design will get updated a bit.

After that, we're not sure. We may add functionality for Craigslist (not sniping obviously, but maybe a monitoring service and the ability to search many Craigslist locations at once), some sort of Amazon function, and a saved search/monitoring/email alert for eBay.

However, it may not be worth it to add those things, maybe if they were features available to subscribers, not sure.

If you have any ideas for more features, let us know. Also, please include as to whether adding the feature would make it worth subscribing to our service.

Again, sorry for the server trouble. We've been running well other than that for some time now.

Old snipes won't, new snipes should now execute - 2010-10-08

Ok, any snipes that are still pending and were set up before Oct 8th will not execute!!!

However, you could delete them and reschedule, then they should.

Any new snipes set up should be executed by both servers.

Any snipes that were set to execute from about 3:00 pm eastern time Oct 7th to about 12:30 am Oct 8th most likely didn't, as we made the trouble worse during that time.

Again, we're very sorry for the trouble our trouble has caused.

Things should be all well again for all new snipes set up. We monitor the stats but if you have a problem with a snipe, let us know.

**Snipes not executing! - 2010-10-07

As the title says, snipes are not executing, since about 11:45 am through now. We were working on the problem with main server execution and made it worse.

Snipe set up has been disabled but any pending snipes will not execute as least as of right now. There's the possibility of getting this fixed quickly but our coder is not on duty so it will take at least until then which should be sometime Friday afternoon.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience and missed snipes.

Subscribers affected, please send us a message.

We'll update as soon as there's some news.


It looks to me as though all member ebay info has been deleted, preventing the mirror from executing the snipes, but I'm not a coder so we'll see what he thinks. As far as the main server, it all started with a setting change on the server that didn't correct itself when changed back.

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