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Possible setup problem? - 2011-03-15

A few members have been sending emails about having trouble setting up a snipe, that the ebay login page is shown when they do. Some members have then logged into ebay from there, and their bid is immediately submitted to ebay.

I was pretty sure that this happened when a member doesn't enter their correct ebay login info on the snipe set up page (if not already in our system), but I tested some more and when I try to set up a snipe without my correct info, all I see is a little pop-up saying that my login info is not correct, no ebay login page is shown.

So, I don't know what triggers the ebay sign in page to show for some members. To any members that this has happened to - Was the item you were trying to snipe on ebay.com, or maybe an international ebay site like ebay uk, germany, etc?

I replied to the messages sent, was there in fact a problem with your ebay login info? Did you try again after making sure your info was correct, and if so, were you able to then set the snipe up?

If you ever do see the ebay login page during snipe set up - DON'T LOGIN INTO YOUR EBAY ACCOUNT USING IT OR YOUR BID WILL BE PLACED IMMEDIATELY.

Also, please forward us info on the snipe (ebay item #) so that we can try to figure out what exactly is going on.


Set up problem 1 - 2011-02-20

We're having a problem with the snipe set up page, so you may not be able to schedule any snipes right now.

We recently made a change to some code and it tested ok, not sure if it is related to that or not. Our coder is normally off on Sunday but I'm hoping to get this taken care of today.

We're very sorry for the convenience, figures it has to happen on a Sunday.

We'll update the news as soon as we have a change.

All better - 2011-02-20

You can set snipes up now.

Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for the emails alerting us to the problem.

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