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eBay login problem for some users - 2011-07-14

There are some snipes that aren't executing for some members. According to the response pages, the login info is incorrect, preventing hidbid from logging into ebay to execute the snipes.

I have an idea of what it might be and will test after posting this, but not sure if I'm right. Our coder won't start his next shift until tonight, but this will be #1 on the priority list if my guess isn't correct.

If you've set up a snipe and it didn't execute and the 'response' for it is the ebay sign in page, you're one of the members this issue is affecting. Don't set up any more snipes until we update the news saying we've taken care of the issue, as, they won't execute.

We're very sorry for the missed snipes. Hopefully this is taken care of shortly.

Read This - 2011-05-08

Apparently, eBay is doing some testing on bidding increments.

Read this:


According to at least one poster on that thread, an eBay rep claimed that they're experimenting with bidding increments, supposedly doubling or tripling them in some auctions.

You may want to look at any winning auctions you've had today and I guess in the upcoming days (testing supposed to last until May 12th). If you see that your bid jumped more than the posted increment for the price zone (see our FAQ page, question/answer #39 for links to bid increments), maybe do as poster #60, contact eBay live help and ask for a credit for the amount of the extra increment jump.

Apparently, you'll not get and credits if you don't contact eBay and ask for them. Seems like there may be more to come on this.

Server down earlier - 2011-04-29

Hidbid was down for about three hours earlier today, our hosting provider was hit with an incoming DDoS. I will contact the users who had missed snipes because of this.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.  Everything should be functioning well again.

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