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eBay has added a new notice page (regarding Hurricane Sandy and possible shipping delays) to the bidding process that is holding up our sniper engine and preventing snipes from executing.

A few aren't getting the notice and are executing ok. I don't know if it has to do with the item location, your location, or what.

Our coder is working on it now, hopefully it will be ok in a couple hours.

Until it is, any snipes scheduled to execute most likely won't. So, you should make other plans for your bidding until we've updated for this new notice.

We're very sorry for the trouble and missed snipes.

I'll post again where there's some more news.

Update - 2012-07-08

Snipes have been executing fine since the last issue we had covered in the last 2 news posts.

There's a couple things I want to mention:

1. (I need to add this to the FAQ page, but here it is for the moment - Give hidbid 5 minutes to update itself when you set up, edit, or delete a snipe. Really, it shouldn't take anymore than 2 minutes to update, but to be safe, make it 5.

So, if there's less than 5 minutes left in an auction that you just decided you want to snipe, go ahead and do it manually. You can still set the snipe up, but it may be too late, so, as a backup, snipe manually.

If you want to cancel a snipe when there's less than 5 minutes left, you can try it, but would be a good idea to quickly go to ebay and change your ebay password so that hidbid won't be able to login to your ebay account to place the bid.

Actually, you could change your ebay password here on hidbid (by clicking on the profile link near the top center part of the page after logging in) to be incorrect, but not sure if that is instantaneous or if there would need to be an update for it to take affect or not - will ask the coder. That would be the easiest solution if it takes affect instantly.

2. You might get an incorrect results email saying that you lost an item you actually won, if the item was listed on a site other than ebay US.

When you try to visit an item page through eBay US (which that is what hidbid does), eBay will show this notice - "This item is not available for purchase on eBay United States." That throws hidbid off when it checks to see if you won or lost. Since it doesn't find the indicators for a winning bid, it figures you lost, so you get the 'lost' results email.

I will talk to our coder about modifying the code so that it can find the response page for items listed internationally, but it may be a little while before he can get to it. This is not an issue with the sniper engine and does not affect the reliability, although I understand that it can be confusing.

Trouble with some snipes - 2012-06-15

We had 2 snipes last weekend that didn't execute, and we've just had 3 more, out of the last 4 snipes. We're not sure if this is an issue with hidbid, or with ebay. We added some code to record the exact time a snipe is submitted to ebay, so we can tell if delays are on our end or ebay's, prompted by the problem snipes last weekend. The code is in place, but our coder is off for the weekend. Hopefully he can check this out in the next few hours though, if I can get ahold of him. Ok, now, the last 5 snipes have executed now, so hopefully the issue is ok for now, but I'm not sure. I'll post another update when I have some more news. I'll monitor snipe execution and let you know if there are more problem snipes. Sorry for the trouble.

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