eBay auction sniper


Trouble with some snipes - 2012-06-15

We had 2 snipes last weekend that didn't execute, and we've just had 3 more, out of the last 4 snipes. We're not sure if this is an issue with hidbid, or with ebay. We added some code to record the exact time a snipe is submitted to ebay, so we can tell if delays are on our end or ebay's, prompted by the problem snipes last weekend. The code is in place, but our coder is off for the weekend. Hopefully he can check this out in the next few hours though, if I can get ahold of him. Ok, now, the last 5 snipes have executed now, so hopefully the issue is ok for now, but I'm not sure. I'll post another update when I have some more news. I'll monitor snipe execution and let you know if there are more problem snipes. Sorry for the trouble.

Issue seems better, for now at least - 2012-06-15

The last 40 or so Snipes have executed fine. So, hopefully there will be no more trouble with Snipes today. Are coder will check things out hopefully by tomorrow to see what happened earlier today with those three Snipes. I'll post another update when I find something out.

Sniper engine update - 2012-06-08

EBay added a new special notice page that is shown when bidding on tickets, which prevented at least one snipe from executing recently. We have updated our sniper engine to be able to work through this new notice page. So, there should be no more potential trouble when sniping tickets, at least unless/until they significantly change the special notice page in the future or add a new one, which we will again update for. We are sorry for the missed snipe(s) that occurred before we updated. Good luck with your sniping.

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