eBay auction sniper


- 2011-09-24
Still having trouble

We're still having trouble, snipes are not executing.

I'm trying to get things straightened out, but it being the weekend makes things harder. I'm hoping to get a hold of our coder tonight.

I'll update the news again when there's news.

I'm very sorry for the trouble, I'll refund affected subscribers once we get this figured out.

Login issue fixed - 2011-07-15

Okay, we have fixed the issue that was preventing hidbid from being able to log into eBay for some users.  We're sorry for missed snipes for members that this affected and for the trouble in the first place.

Update - 2011-07-14

Ok, it looks like my guess is correct, and I think I already have the fix, but am afraid to mess with the code myself. Hopefully I can get ahold of our coder in the next few minutes rather than waiting to make the fix when he starts tonight.

Anyway, what you could do now, if you want to set up snipes and have had this issue with the ebay login not being correct, is change your password so that it doesn't have any quote marks or apostrophes in it, as they are causing the problem.

Again, sorry for the trouble and missed snipes. I'll update the news as soon as there's something to report.

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* Save money

* Save time

* It's free!

* Quick and easy to use

* Reliability

* Peace of mind

* No need to download anything

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* Immediate auction results e-mailed to you

* A forum to pick-up and share eBay tips