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Sniper engine update - 2012-06-08

EBay added a new special notice page that is shown when bidding on tickets, which prevented at least one snipe from executing recently. We have updated our sniper engine to be able to work through this new notice page. So, there should be no more potential trouble when sniping tickets, at least unless/until they significantly change the special notice page in the future or add a new one, which we will again update for. We are sorry for the missed snipe(s) that occurred before we updated. Good luck with your sniping.

eBay having trouble - 2012-02-02

EBay was having trouble on the 1st, eBay users were having trouble logging in and with a couple other things. I saw that there were a couple strange response pages with the message - "System Problem Sorry, we are experiencing a technical problem. Please click the Back button of your browser and try again.", but luckily it looks like the maximum bids were exceeded for them anyway. So, it didn't cause any trouble for us in the end. I believe it is supposed to be taken care of now.

Some members' snipes blocked - Please Read - 2011-11-22

I have seen that a few members' snipes have been blocked lately by eBay, asking that you/they complete the verification process for their eBay account.

Apparently they are ratcheting up their security a bit more for the holiday season or whatever. I've seen a similar notice in the past, but not to the degree that I'm seeing it now.

If you have set up a snipe recently that did not execute, check out the response page, you may see a notice starting with "Attention!
To help protect your account, eBay has put a temporary block on your site activity..."

I think that you have to enter in a phone number for them to call you for the verification process.

Hidbid may be a contributor to this problem, as maybe because your bid is coming from an IP address different from your home computer's, your bid activity looks suspicious.  However, they have to be used to having bids from hidbid's IP address by now.

Sorry for the trouble, this is more an issue with eBay/your account. Go through the verification process and all should be well for you as far as your snipes getting through.

Also, I was supposed to update our new section again a while back soon after we had the trouble near the end of September. We updated our mirror with the changes and I told a member that I will update our news section here when we did.

To that particular member, sorry for not posting until now.

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