eBay auction sniper


Should be okay now - 2014-07-15

Okay, it looks like we got the problem fixed this morning.
I will monitor snipes just make sure.

Also, I noticed a couple of members had trouble with a snipe, I'm guessing during setup, and set up a snipe for the same item again, and it was okay.

Any member that this happened to or that has had trouble setting up a snipe, please let me know along with any error message that was shown.

Sorry for the trouble.

Good luck with your sniping.

Most snipes okay, but the issue is not fixed yet - 2014-07-14

we had the issue for a couple minutes this morning around 9 a.m. Eastern standard Time, still have not pinpointed the cause.

Other than snipes affected during the 9 a.m. issue, Snipes are executing okay.

However, since the cause has not been fixed, it could act up at any time and prevent some snipes from executing.

I'm hoping to get this figured out and fixed tonight.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

No snipes are executing!!!! - 2014-07-13

Still having trouble, I'm not sure how long it will be before this is fixed. If you have any pending snipes, make other arrangements for your bidding, do it manually or use another service. I'll post another update when something changes.

Sorry for the trouble.

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