eBay auction sniper


Many users with incorrect 'bay info - 2014-05-25

There are a lot of snipes that are not able to execute, probably because many members followed the request by ebay to change your log in information in the last couple of days, but didn't update it here on hidbid.

To update it, go to your 'profile' page by clicking on the 'profile' link located near the top center part of the page, after logging into hidbid.

Then, click on the 'Change' button (you may need to scroll down a bit to see the button), not the 'Change password' link. You can then update your ebay info, and then click the 'Next' button.

If you have updated your information here on hidbid after changing it on ebay in the past couple of days, please send a message using our contact us page.

You can check your snipes by looking at the 'response' page by clicking the 'response' button associated with snipe, on your 'my snipes' page.

Sorry for the trouble. 

Issues with some snipes - 2013-08-23

We're having some issues with the main server stopping at the bid confirm page on eBay and not submitting the snipes, and then showing that the snipe had won.

The mirror server is submitting them, but it looks like eBay had some trouble last night and maybe five or six did not execute on either server because of issues at eBay.

We are working on figuring and fixing the issue on the main server.  I will give another update when there is any new development.

Sorry for the trouble

Snipes should be okay now - 2013-03-11

It looks like snipes should be okay now.  I have been monitoring all day today and except for in the early morning before we addressed the issue, all snipes have executed OK today.

Again, we are very sorry for the trouble.  We'll make sure the auction end Times update correctly the next time we have a time change. They have in the past, but had trouble this time unfortunately.

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