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No delay problems - 2015-09-03

The delay issue is gone for the most part. We still have a couple of snipes that get delayed on one server or the other, but that has always been the case, and the other server almost always covers for the late one.

There have been a few with login issues lately, which, should not happen, because ebay login info is checked during snipe set up. If incorrect, the snipe is rejected. So, the only way that it should happen is if a member sets up a snipe, and then changes their ebay passwoird on ebay before the snipe executes. I doubt that that is happening, the possible issue is to be looked at tonight.

It looks like the current prices on items with pending snipes aren't updating as they should. That is to be checked out as well. Which, they can't be updated too often as that takes server resources and uses ebay calls. We had things set to update current prices every 15 minutes, which isn't happening.  I wondering if the price update code was removed from the file however, because of the server load and ebay call use mentioned above.

Which, you can check the up to the second current price of an item by clicking the item link on your 'my snipes' page.

So, the ebay login and price updating issues will be checked out starting tonight.

Update - 2015-08-20

Sorry for not posting sooner.

I've been watching the snipes, there haven't been any that have been late on both servers in the past two days (There have been a couple that for some reason stopped at the item page, but they were there in time, as the response pages show a few seconds left on the item pages on ebay's countdown timers).
I was changing the lead times the first few days after I noticed the issue but haven't for the past two days. I'll just keep watching things and if the delays start again I'll edit the lead times again.

Ideally, snipes should execute with maybe 5 seconds left in the auction, so that manual 'nibbling' bidders don't have time to react. A little early is better than a little late however, so if I do feel that I have to increase the lead times again, it shouldn't hurt much. The nibblers only bid one increment above the current high bid at a time, so if your bid was submitted with say 12 seconds left, they may raise you an increment, or two. Which, if your bid was maxed out when placed, it could cost you the auction, but isn't normally the case.

Anyway, hopefully that doesn't matter as I'm trying to have the cause figured out and fixed, and I don't have to increase lead times in the meantime.

Still having delays - 2015-08-14

Many snipes are still getting delayed once they get to ebay. It looks like we're making too many ebay calls, as from the notice I see for the snipes getting delayed.

I've changed the lead times for most snipes to 13 seconds to try to compensate for this (some snipes that don't get delayed are executing earlier than you scheduled but that's better than late). It has helped as a temporary short term solution for the most part. There were 3 snipes that were late on both servers on the 13th however.

I'm hoping to get this taken care of tomorrow.

I'll post another update when I have some news.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

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