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login errors greatly reduced, but ebay is having issues again - 2015-11-14

The number of login errors has dropped over the last few days, but there have been a couple already overnight, along with some missed snipes caused by ebay pages not loading.

They posted on their news page that they have resolved the issues, but many ebay pages are not loading for me for the snipes I've been checking, still.

Here's a link to their posts about the issues:


Hopefully they are actually resolved soon. Until then, there may be more issues with snipes executing.

Sorry for the trouble.

Still having some login errors - 2015-11-07

We're still having login errors issues, more snipes had them on both servers yesterday, mostly earlier in the day.

We're going to try something else to work around them.

Sorry for the trouble, most snipes are still executing, but all of them need to be.

It will be a couplee of days before any changes are implemented.

I'll post an update here after we make them.

The updates didn't change anything, but had just 2 bad snipes Wednesday - 2015-11-05

The updates we made didn't stop the login errors, but we've only had two snipes Wednesday that went without executing on either server.

So, I guess having login errors is the new normal for the moment. When we come up with another idea we'll give it a try.

We've had some invalid item responses today. Actually one of the snipes that went without executing had a login error on one server and invalid item response on the other server.

I see that a lot of people on the web are complaining about issues on ebay, and not just with bidding, but pretty much everything. Hopefully they get things straightened out soon and hopefully that will take care of the login errors.

If something changes, I'll post an update here.

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