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Snipes should be executing now - 2018-08-25

eBay made some changes on their login page preventing our sniper engine from logging in. We've updated the code, snipes look to be executing now.

I'll watch the snipes to make sure things hold up and post another update here if anything changed.

Sorry for the trouble. This problem should have been taken care of much sooner.


There's a login problem again preventing snipes from executing. It is being looked at, hopefully not too hard to fix. I'll post again here when I have some more news.

Don't set up any more snipes at this point as they won't execute until this is taken care of.

Sorry for the trouble.

To members, especially ones getting login errors on snipes - 2017-03-22

A few members are getting login errors for their snipes, preventing them from executing.

It could be that you entered your ebay login info (your password most likely) incorrectly, but I'm guessing you entered it correctly and that ebay showed a captcha image to the sniper engine, which the sniper engine can not work through.

I'm also guessing that if you visit ebay and login, you'll be shown a captcha image that you need to type in before logging in. Maybe more than once.

When testing code that we plan on adding to hidbid, I purposely entered wrong ebay login info. I did that 3 times. After that, I logged into ebay manually maybe 5 times through the day, and each time I had to enter a captcha shown, sometimes twice.

Maybe the 6th time however, no captcha was shown, and a snipe I had set up before testing failed login attempts, did execute, early the next day.

So, if you'd like to try another snipe, I'd recommend logging into ebay manually a few times through the day, working through any captcha images shown. If you do encounter them but after a few successful logins, they're no longer shown, you should be good to go with another snipe. JUST BE SURE THAT YOU ENTER YOUR CORRECT EBAY INFO FOR ANY SNIPE OR THE CYCLE WILL PROBABLY REPEAT.

You may also see a security questions page, or some other similar page that I have not yet encountered. Work through them as well, before setting up another snipe.

eBay's automated security system is set up to prevent hijacked accounts, and failed login attempts trigger it.

Please let me know if you have had login errors with your snipe(s), and you do attempt to set up another snipe and if the things above I mentioned are how things played out.

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