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    Privacy Policy - Diane Flynn Keith (owner of the assets that include Homefies.com , Carschooling.com , UniversalPreschool.com , and PapasPearls.com ) will not sell, rent, or otherwise make your personal information available to other people or organizations without your permission, except as may be required by law, and except in conjunction with the sale or transfer of these assets to another business. In the event that any portion or substantially all of Diane F...
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Teaching Mathematics: How Early Can I Start? - You start teaching as soon as your baby is born. When you feed her, change her diaper, and hold her, your newborn learns she is loved. But when does a baby begin to learn math?...
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Money Fun! - Little kids become aware of money at an early age. It is a perfect way to introduce math concepts from sorting to counting and eventually it can help with learning how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and much more....
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Fruit Pit Math Manipulatives & Much More! - I ate a nectarine the other day, and when I was through -- out of old habit -- I started to wash the seed. I laughed out loud at myself. I haven't done that since my sons were very young ...
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Universal Preschool's Learning Calendar - With over 190 historic, interesting, and light-hearted events that take place throughout the year, the Universal Preschool Learning Calendar combines fun with education. Your preschooler will love it!...
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Are You The Parent of A Young Child? - You may be deeply concerned, as we are, by the current push to institutionalize young children in government funded preschools. There is an over emphasis on intense early academic instruction particularly in the areas of reading, writing, and math. It is fueled by misguided politicians who have succumbed to pressure by teachers' unions and corporate interests that stand to profit from public preschools....
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Fun with Apples! - Fall signals an abundance of apples! My family kicked off our homeschooling each and every year by visiting a u-pick apple orchard. Get fun curriculum ideas your kids will love....
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Will New CA Bill Stop Home-Preschooling? - When it comes to preschool, the race is on. I remember questions from other moms about what I was going to do regarding preschool when my oldest son was a baby. I said "we're homeschooling" because it was an easy answer and I had indeed thought about doing so, but still I felt compelled to check out preschools, to apply frantically, and to make a deposit so that my child wouldn't be left out of the race....
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Advertising Opportunities - Thank you for your interest in UniversalPreschool.com! Your feedback is important to us. We will do our best to respond to every email, if you desire a response....
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

    Celebrate Summer With Fun Activities! - Celebrate the Summer with your little ones. The first day of Summer is normally on June 21st. Also called the Summer Solstice. To kick off the summer festivities break out the art supplies and invite your children to make their own sun....
    Feed Source: www.universalpreschool.com

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