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    How to Make Aromatherapy Massage Bars - Cocoa Butter has a delicious chocolate scent. If you prefer, substitute Shea Butter or mango butter for the Cocoa Butter. Ingredients: 3 ounces Beeswax 3 ounces Apricot or Almond oil 3 ounces Cocoa Butter 1 teaspoon essential oil or combination of oils Soap bar molds (available at craft stores) Directions: Heat Beeswax, Apricot or Almond […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Minty Fresh Herb Bath Recipe - 1 cup fresh or 1/4 cup dried Mint (chop up finely if it?s fresh) 1 cup fresh Bay leaves, finely chopped 1 tsp. Coconut Oil 1 tsp. Almond extract Mix ingredients together then place in a mesh bag such as cheesecloth. Place under hot running bath water. Sit back and enjoy this uplifting and energizing […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    The Health Benefits of Castor Oil Packs - Supplies: 12×12 wool flannel cloth, when folded to 4 thicknesses Castor oil Heating pad or hot water bottle Plastic wrap Towel Directions: Saturate the cloth in castor oil so that it is wet but not dripping. Lie down and apply the cloth to the abdomen making sure to cover the areas of the liver (just […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Constipation Remedies: Natural Treatments for Constipation - Most of us have experienced constipation at one point or another and have opted to use home remedies for constipation to find relief. There really is no need to use all the harsh medications or chemical treatments for constipation that may cause cramping and send you from one extreme to another, constipation to diarrhea....
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    DIY: Natural Body Soap Recipes - NOTE: This article has multiple DIY: Natural Body Soap Recipes. To make it easier to navigate, use the Table of Contents button to your right! DIY Marigold Soap Recipe Place 2 tbsp of fresh marigold petals, finely chopped, in 2 tbsp of warm glycerine and leave to infuse in a warm place for two hours. […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Watermelon Seed (Citrullus Vulgaris) Carrier Oil Profile, Benefits - Notes: Other thicker oils and those with shorter shelf lives can be blended with this oil to lighten their texture and scent, as well as extend their overall shelf life. Additional Name(s): Ootanga Oil, Kalahari Oil Scent: Faint, slightly nutty Consistency: Light Absorption/Feel: Penetrates well and quickly, non-greasy. Color: Yellow Shelf Life: Indefinite – highly […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Greater Goldenseal Antiseptic Salve - An Antiseptic salve that aids in speedy healing and helps to prevent scarring. Use on minor cuts and other skin problems. Ingredients 2 stainless steel 1/2 quart pans or 1 cup size. 10 one ounce tins. 1/8 oz Goldenseal Root Powder 1/4 oz Asian Yellow Ginger Powder (Absolutely Necessary) 10 fresh crushed Cloves 1/4 oz […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Essential Oil Blend for Arthritis - Condition: Inflammation of joints; swelling, redness of the skin and impaired motion. Two types: 1) Osteo: chronic disease involving joints, especially weight-bearing joints; 2) Rheumatoid: chronic disease characterized by inflammatory changes in joints that may result in crippling. Supplies: Tea Tree Oil, grapeseed or Jojoba oil. Remedy: For swelling, apply a flannel compress with several […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Petitgrain (Citrus Aurantium) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, Properties - Color: Clear with a Yellow Tinge Oil Consistency: Thin Perfumery Note: Top Initial Aroma Strength: Medium Scent: Fresh, floral, citrusy, lighter in fragrance than neroli and slightly woody. Action: Antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiseptic, antidepressant, deodorant, sedative, nervine. Benefits, Indications: May help reestablish nerve equilibrium. It may also help with acne, fatigue, greasy hair, insomnia [̷...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Too Much to Do? Try This Revitalizing and Energizing Tonic Recipe - Too much to do? Not feeling well? Maybe you're going out of town or had a houseful of company for the holidays, or just the stress of a modern and busy life. Regardless, this blend can help. Here's a blend with a fresh aroma that will revitalize and is an excellent tonic for the respiratory […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Sweet Dreams Balm Recipe - Adapted from Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles (Storey Publishing, 2007). http://www.care2.com/ This Balm is absolute heaven! You can?t help but be lured into dreamland when you take a deep whiff of this citrus-floral dream enhancer. These essential oils are said to open channels for peaceful dreaming and creative visualization while aiding in the […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Alternative Medicine with Color Therapy Healing - Color healing, light therapy and chromotherapy are all terms used interchangeably with Color Therapy. Color Therapy is a set of principles used to create harmonious color and color combinations for healing. This form of energy medicine is based on the belief that the human body is composed of energy fields. When the energy is properly […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender is considered the most useful of all Essential Oils. Lavender is known to help relieve Headaches, Insomnia, Tension and stress. Its therapeutic properties have been well chronicled all over the world. Originally an inhabitant of the Mediterranean countries, this perennial herb has long been recognized for its exotic perfume and medicinal properties. Used in […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Emergency Medicine: Heart Attack and CPR - A blood clot is the most common cause of a blocked coronary artery. Usually, the artery is already partially narrowed by atheromas. An atheroma may rupture or tear, narrowing the artery further and making blockage by a clot more likely. The ruptured atheroma not only reduces the flow of blood through an artery but also […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Herbs for Energy - If you're feeling tired and worn out, rest assured that you have plenty of company. Fatigue ranks among America's most common health complaints. Life today moves at a faster pace than ever before in history, and many of us feel compelled to keep up. On good days we may manage to accomplish everything on the […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Back to School Germs: Strep Throat Remedies - Strep throat occurs most commonly during the winter months and it is very contagious. It?s estimated that the risk is about 40% in terms of contracting it from an affected family member, friend or colleague. Some symptoms of strep may include fever, swollen, tender lymph nodes on the side of the neck, and white patches […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia Citriodora) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, Properties - Color: Pale Yellow Oil Consistency: Thin Perfumery Note: Top Initial Aroma Strength: Strong Scent: Extremely lemony and crisp. More ?lemony? than true Lemon (Citrus limonum) oil. Action: Antibacterial, germicidal, sedative, antidepressant, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, disinfectant, hypotensive, calmative, mental stimulant, uplifting, relaxant Benefits, Indications: Lemon Myrtle is a much more effective germ killer than the more […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    Famous Anti-Cancer Soup - Instead of feeding cancer with the way most of us normally eat, here is a great recipe to help fight cancer! The onions, leeks and kale are blended prior to cooking to break down the plant cell walls and activate potent anti-cancer compounds. Ingredients: 1 cup dried split peas and beans 4 cups water 6-10 […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    How to Make a Citronella Insect Repellent Lotion - Ingredients: 2 ounces witch hazel extract 60 drops citronella essential oil Directions: Put 2 ounces of witch hazel into a lotion or spray bottle. Add 60 drops of citronella essential oil. Label properly. Shake well before each use. This is approximately a 5 percent dilution. For a 10 % dilution add 120 drops of citronella. […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

    How to Make Your Own Flower Essences - Here?s How: On a sunny day, go to the flower site with water and bowl. Fill bowl about half full. float flowers on the water, covering the surface area. Leave the bowl of flowers in the area among the flowers 3-4 hours or more if clouds move in. Take the bowl to a safe and […]...
    Feed Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com

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